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Growing up in upstate New York with all brothers was training ground in more ways than one. Peter, fourth of six, learned to mediate and help his brothers get a long. Micha, the youngest boy, was the little business man. He learned to be a tough negotiator and problem solver to get what he needed to survive amongst his older brothers. Distance divided Peter and Micha when Peter and his wife decided to serve in China as missionaries operating an English training school from 2007 until January 2020. Upon Peter’s return from China, Micha and Peter began to plan and discuss Oilfy.
Where did it all begin? At a young age, Micha began tearing apart small engines, and repairing old vehicles. He loved to buy cars that needed work, fix them up and sell them. In college, he jumped at the opportunity to work in the college repair garage. This further fueled his passion for well-tuned vehicles. After college, Micha worked in sales and gained valuable experience working to meet customers needs. Micha’s passion to meet needs and solve everyday problems developed into an idea, to take one of the most annoying car maintenance chores, the oil change, and simplify it. This was the birth of Oilfy.
With Peter returning from overseas and not-locked in to a job, he decided to join with Micha and make the Oilfy dream a reality. Today, Peter and Micha operate Oilfy to simplify your life. We hope to replace the negative feelings and frustrations attached to getting your oil changed, and with peace of mind and enjoyment. Relax, we’ve got this!

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